About Us


Buzzworthy Social Media is a full service social media and graphic design agency based in San Antonio, Texas. Since its start in 2011, Buzzworthy has served large and small brands all over the world. Our client base is truly unique, and we are proud of the work we do for our clients.

We’ve helped nonprofit organizations connect with their fans online and raise money, and we’ve helped small business owners truly understand how to utilize digital and e-mail marketing to sell their products to customers. Our goal at Buzzworthy Social Media is to get the buzz going for our clients, and get their fans and customers to truly invest in the success of their businesses!

Noelle Bell

CEO and Founder

Noelle started up Buzzworthy Social Media in 2011 to lend her social media expertise in generating buzz using social media for small and major brands, non-profit organizations, and professionals.  Noelle Bell currently resides as a proud fourth-generation Texan in San Antonio, Texas, with her husband, Chris, and young two year-old son, Joaquin. When not busy buzzing it up for her clients, she likes to go to farmers’ markets, to museums, and traveling all over the world. Noelle can be followed on Twitter @RUbuzzworthy.