Why You Need To Involve Your Employees On Social Media

Is it a good thing to engage your employees to increase brand awareness on social media? Think about it this way in terms of reach when it comes to your products and services on social media. If your company’s presence is stuck at 100 fans on Facebook, 400 fans on…
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Sometimes You Just Can’t Put Email On Autopilot

I’m usually the first one to praise the value of automated email campaigns for their ease and effectiveness in reaching potential and existing customers, but it’s a big mistake to just load the email campaigns and put it on autopilot. Got them in the system? Boom! You’re done, and out…
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How Facebook’s Local Ads Can Help Your Business

  You've tried time and time again using Facebook ads to reach your audience, but you're not getting the results you're looking for. The question then is, are you using the RIGHT ad product on Facebook to reach your ideal customers to get them to come into your store? Facebook…

Does Social Customer Service Matter?

Many of us in the digital marketing world have come across these companies who say they already have a very successful business, and do not need a presence on social media to address customer needs. This is often the response I’ll get when asking about why they don’t use their…