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Why You Need To Involve Your Employees On Social Media

Is it a good thing to engage your employees to increase brand awareness on social media? Think about it this way in terms…
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Sometimes You Just Can’t Put Email On Autopilot

I’m usually the first one to praise the value of automated email campaigns for their ease and effectiveness in reaching potential and existing…
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How Facebook’s Local Ads Can Help Your Business

  You’ve tried time and time again using Facebook ads to reach your audience, but you’re not getting the results you’re looking for.…
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Does Social Customer Service Matter?

Many of us in the digital marketing world have come across these companies who say they already have a very successful business, and…
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How To Measure The ROI Of Content Marketing

Many businesses think that just putting up a blog is enough for content marketing, and that they’ll get leads through exposure on social…
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Happy Social Media Day!

Today we’re celebrating Social Media Day, which was started by Mashable to celebrate the many ways that social media has changed our lives.…
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The Beautiful Authenticity Of Humans Of New York

There’s a quote from author Sarah Ban Breathnach, “The authentic self is soul made visible.” I couldn’t agree more with that quote. When…
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The Incredible Value Of Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around for a while, and its value hasn’t gone down over the years, in fact, it’s increased. Everybody loves…
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Why Avoiding Social Doesn’t Work Out

Many companies find social media too bewildering or is too complicated for them to handle, so they avoid social media altogether. When a…
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The Cover Photo Mistake Many Brands Make

Many businesses, after setting up their Facebook brand pages, often stop with using a profile picture on their brand page, and don’t utilize…
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