How To Measure The ROI Of Content Marketing

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Many businesses think that just putting up a blog is enough for content marketing, and that they’ll get leads through exposure on social media. Let me let you on a little secret — it doesn’t work that way. It’s why so many businesses get frustrated when their content marketing doesn’t work out on their blog, and they don’t get the conversions they’re looking for.

First, let’s see what content marketing entails beyond a blog post. Great content marketing is defined as the marketing process of providing valuable and relevant information to attract, acquire, and keep customers with the objective of getting leads or sales. Does it mean that one has to consistently promote products or sales? No. They don’t need to be involved at all in a promotional way.

Content marketing involves not just blog posts, but these below:

  • White papers
  • Webinars
  • Video seminars
  • Briefs
  • Visual presentations (SlideShare, etc)
  • Infographics
  • Free resources or tools

When you put out varied content types, you help increase awareness, exposure, and acquire new potential leads for your business. Let’s take this scenario as an example:

Business Owner Scenario: Email List Is Too Small

You’re a small business owner who provides services to your clients such as yoga classes, and you’re not satisfied with your small email list. How do you increase your e-mail list? You start writing blogs on health, fitness, yoga tips, and you even prepare videos showing your yoga classes, and how you do specific yoga poses. The site where you post your blog has a call-to-action such as an e-mail newsletter sign-up on particular topics like yoga warm-up exercises. Your videos on Youtube also direct people to your blog through the video descriptions. The more regularly you post, and share your content on social media, you help increase traffic to your website, and more people sign up for your e-mail list. Now you’ve achieved the objective of increasing your email list using content marketing.

Now, then the issue of measuring ROI on your content marketing comes in. You can measure by the views on your video, the amount of traffic to your blogs, and how many people signed up for your e-mail list.

Measuring ROI also includes the following:

  • New followers
  • Social shares
  • Clicks
  • Online sales
  • Video views
  • Engagement
  • Newsletter signups
  • Attendee signups (for webinars)
  • Downloads of white papers/briefs
  • Backlinks

And these are the metrics that businesses can use to judge the success of their content marketing campaigns. It’s worth it to invest in content marketing, but it has to be varied, and not just limited to blog posts. Think outside the box, and think big!

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Noelle Bell is the founder and CEO of Buzzworthy Social Media. She is a published author on Huffington Post, and consults with small and large brands on managing their digital marketing needs.

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