Why Avoiding Social Doesn’t Work Out

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Many companies find social media too bewildering or is too complicated for them to handle, so they avoid social media altogether. When a brand avoids social media, they do it for the following reasons:

  • Very time-consuming
  • No staff to handle social media
  • Not sure of ROI from social networks
  • Not sure which social network is right for them
  • Afraid of negative feedback from customers on social media
  • No time to plan how to convert social engagement into business

Avoiding social media is one of the biggest mistakes that companies make because they miss out on many opportunities to communicate their stories to potential customers, sharing their new products and services, and converting fans into paying customers.

And there are even more reasons below why a company should use social media:

  1. Branding matters
  2. Creating a buzz
  3. Social traffic to website
  4. Social customer service (instantly responsive to customer needs!)
  5. Developing relationships with key influencers
  6. Word of mouth trust in business
  7. Sharing products that excites people
  8. Increasing revenue from traffic to website
  9. Instanteous response to customer feedback (gives chance to explain oneself)
  10. Optimizing your business based on customer feedback
  11. Creates sense of accessibility to your business from customers — a brand they can relate to!

We also have statistical proof that using social media can be highly beneficial to B2B and B2C businesses. Take a gander below if you’re still not convinced about the positive ROI of social media:

Untitled Infographic-2

Social media is incredibly useful for small and large businesses in increasing brand awareness, cultivating leads at a fraction of the cost, and saves them money compared to traditional advertising which has higher costs associated with it. If your business isn’t on social media yet, now is the time to do in getting maximum ROI out of it for your business!

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Noelle Bell is the founder and CEO of Buzzworthy Social Media. She is a published author on Huffington Post, and consults with small and large brands on managing their digital marketing needs.

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