Why You Need To Involve Your Employees On Social Media

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Is it a good thing to engage your employees to increase brand awareness on social media? Think about it this way in terms of reach when it comes to your products and services on social media. If your company’s presence is stuck at 100 fans on Facebook, 400 fans on Twitter, and 120 LinkedIn followers, then you’re just posting to a static audience that isn’t fully engaged with your company.

That needs to change. If you involve your employees in addition to investing in a more integrated marketing approach, then your reach becomes exponential. What that means is that each one of your employees have their own social network.

One employee may have 500 friends on Facebook, 4,000 followers on Twitter, and connected with over 300 people on LinkedIn. That employee would have a huge impact due to the reach of his or her audience if he or she shared an important event or a new service from your company. That would have a ripple effect where more people learn more about your company, products, and services. It can be an additional sales channel that produces revenue just from that word-of-mouth from your employee.

And if you involve more employees in brand advocacy, then instead of a ripple effect in the pond, you create a cascading effect. Say if you want to host an important Twitter chat for your company with key influencers, you can get your employees involvedly posting the time of the tweet chat, then more people would show up to the chat.

There are valid concerns about the quality of content being posted by employees, and whether it might violate the brand policy guidelines for your company. That is usually solved by having a clear, coherent social media usage policy for your employees when they come on board. If you want to ensure the content they share is valid, you can give them access to your content marketing library which can include presentations, white papers, tweets, company news, and videos. That way you know that they have content available to work with in promoting your company. This also will be very useful for your salespeople in forming relationships with potential leads for your company.

There is more to be gained from involving employees in your social media outreach to customers and clients online, than you would get if you left out your employees completely.

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Noelle Bell is the founder and CEO of Buzzworthy Social Media. She is a published author on Huffington Post, and consults with small and large brands on managing their digital marketing needs.

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